Akemi Aizawa (相沢 あけみ Aizawa Akemi) is the wife of Gorou Aizawa and mother of Tomo Aizawa. She was a childhood friend of Misuzu's mother. It is unknown if they are still friends or not.

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In her youth, Akemi wore a long skirted school uniform akin to those of the "sukeban" (delinquent girl or boss girl), the notorious girl gangs of 1980's Japanese pop culture.

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Akemi is childhood friends with Misaki, however they were always at ends due to their opposing personalities.

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Akemi during her school years was possibly a "sukeban", a member of a girl gang.[1] It was shown that Gorou and her were in a relationship during high school and she would pull him out of fights.

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  • Akemi (あけみ) is a popular Japanese given name and can be written in many ways, the most common meanings for it are "beauty", "bright", and "vermilion". Aizawa (相沢) is a common Japanese surname meaning "fellow swamp".


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