Tomo-chan and Her Two Best Friends
Chapter 15
Chapter Information
Volume 1
Chapter 15
Japanese Title トモちゃんと二人の親友
Romanized Title Tomochan to futari no shin'yū
Release Date April 21, 2015
Chapter Chronology
Previous Chapter 14
Next Chapter 16

Tomo-chan and Her Two Best Friends (トモちゃんと二人の親友, Tomochan to futari no shin'yū?) is the fifteenth chapter of Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko! by Fumita Yanagida.



Misuzu gets Tomo to sit with Jun for lunch saying how easy it is. However the atmosphere gets tense around Jun and Misuzu. This is why Tomo didn't agree to having lunch together with Jun in the first place: Misuzu and Jun can't stand each other.

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