Those Sports
Chapter 26
Chapter Information
Volume 1
Chapter 26
Japanese Title あのスポーツ
Romanized Title Ano supōtsu
Release Date May 2, 2015
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Those Sports (あのスポーツ, Ano supōtsu?) is the twenty-sixth chapter of Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko! by Fumita Yanagida.



Jun's friend Tanabe, mistakingly thinking that the relationship between Jun and Tomo is sexual, asks how far they've gone. When Jun doesn't understand the question, Tanabe clarifies by talking about the "Hard sports that men and women play". Jun, taking the question literally, recalls playing soccer and karate with Tomo and tells Tanabe they've been at it since they were kids. This only further strengthens the mistaken relationship. Misuzu watches on at Jun's naiveté.

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