Gorou Aizawa (相沢 五郎, Aizawa Gorō?) is Tomo's father and Akemi's husband. He runs the Aizawa Dojo and trained both Tomo and Jun in karate.

Appearance Edit

Gorou is a physically fit man having trained in karate since his youth. He has some facial hair, more-so on his chin. He is mostly seen just wearing his karate gi.

During his youth his head was shaved, although he was still in peak physical condition.

Personality Edit

Gorou isn't one to share affection although he is still not immune to the charm of his wife. Gorou shows signs of being an extreme tsundere also, feeling love for his wife (and daughter) but denying that he feels the same. Gorou appears to have mild anger management issues as shown when he gets angry at Tomo at the possibility of her losing a fight with Jun, her childhood friend.

Background Edit

During his youth Gorou was the delinquent of his school and they only one who could reign him in was Akemi. Misaki used to tease him about his affection towards Akemi.

Relationships Edit

Akemi Aizawa Edit

When Gorou was the school delinquent Akemi's job was to reign him in, he always gets embarrassed and faints when he sees her face so he was instantly powerless. They are married and together have a daughter, Tomo. He doesn't come to the house to see Akemi much, instead preferring to do everything in the dojo because he still faints when he sees her face. During a small earthquake, Gorou rushed to her only to be embarrassed again.

Tomo Aizawa Edit

Tomo is Gorou and Akemi's daughter, he trains her in karate and tells her that it doesn't matter if she's a girl or not she shouldn't lose to anyone. He was very disappointed that she quit the dojo to train at school.

Trivia Edit

  • Gorō (五郎) is a Japanese given name derived from 五 (go) meaning "five" and 郎 (rou) meaning "son", together meaning "fifth son", possibly hinting that Gorou has four younger brothers. Aizawa (相沢) is a common Japanese surname meaning "fellow swamp".

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