Misuzu Gundou (群堂 みすず, Gundō Misuzu?) is a supporting character of Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko! she is Tomo Aizawa's childhood friend.


Misuzu is a short girl with black hair. She always has a hair band in her hair and doesn't like it being touched or stolen. She is considered to be very pretty by her male classmates.


Misuzu is quite a twisted girl, she loves to tease people and also trick them into thinking she's a 'cute' girl. She is straight face most of the time, but that turns into a wicked grin when she's messing with someone.

She is also shown to be very possessive of Tomo, later realising that if Tomo gets together with Jun she'll be alone. This leaves her depressed for about a week.


Misuzu is Tomo's childhood friend and was introduced to Junichirou when they were kids. When Tomo and Jun wanted to go out catching bugs, Misuzu replied that she hates bugs.

During middle school Misuzu agreed to date Jun because it sounded interesting. She would later come to regret this as his idea of a date was a 40km bikeride, and a trip to the beach the next day. Misuzu lost 5kg then and vowed to never again go on anymore dates with him. Before she could break up with him, he beat her to it. She's hated Jun ever since.

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Tomo AizawaEdit

They are childhood friends. Misuzu is very possessive of Tomo, and is grateful to Tomo for being best friends with her despite her bad personality. She likes to tease Tomo often. When Tomo first asked her help to get closer romantically to Jun, she was supportive, despite her possessiveness. She does not regret giving Tomo her support, because it helped her develop her friendship with Tomo further. She gets jealous when Tomo spends too much time with other people, particularly Jun and Carol.

Carol Olston Edit

She has a friendly rivalry with Carol but it's all in good fun for the most part, she has an interest in 'breaking' Carol good persona, but when she does she regrets it to some degree.

Junichirou Kubota Edit

Misuzu loves to tease Jun, like she does with most people, but it was revealed that they dated for 3 days. They broke up because Misuzu couldn't keep up with him and his wild adventures. There aren't any leftover feelings (if there was any to begin with). Misuzu has stated that she hates Jun because he broke up with her before she could break up with him.

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