Omake 1
Omake 1
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Volume 1
Release Date October 8, 2015
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These are special chapters bunded with Volume 1 of the manga. Featured on the front page is Junichirou with a young Tomo.

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Misuzu notices lately that Junichirou has been getting beaten up lately and suspects that he and Tomo had a fight. The next day he is completely healed and friends with Tomo, then the cycle repeats.

When Tomo remembered how Misuzu told her to do lewd things with Jun she gets really embarrassed and punches Jun the next time he asks to hang out, Tomo says she doesn't know how to do those things.

The day after Jun ran from Tomo in the rain Tomo asks him what happened. He doesn't want to admit that he saw her sports bra under her shirt so he simply says he had a cold.

Mifune and Ogawa notice that Tomo hangs around with Jun too much and that she always goes red in the face when he puts his arms around her. Tomo then appears and puts her arms around them and freaks them out because they weren't ready for it at all.

Misuzu notes to Jun that the clouds yesterday were quite grey. Then correcting herself by saying they were more gray than grey. She then says that the Welsh word for both is 'llywd' and gets a flick to the forehead.

Tomo's frustration with Jun is throwing her off, and she can't focus probably. She then proceeds to defeat the karate club's captain, the other member get scared and run away saying that she isn't even doing karate anymore.

Carol tells Misuzu that she isn't that good with guys but gets along with Jun just fine and wonders why. Misuzu says that he's a huge pervert, much to Carol's confusion. Carol then says the term for guys like Jun, is 'virgin' Misuzu concedes that she isn't wrong. The chapter ends with Carol greeting Jun and calling him a virgin.

Jun wonders why Tomo joined the karate club instead of her family dojo. Tomo reveals that once she joined she learned she was wrong about a lot. Jun wonders what horrors could be in the girl's karate club, unaware that Tomo is actually in the boy's karate club.

Noda, Tanabe, and Fukaya are looking out the windows at the girls below. When asked who their favourite girl is Noda and Fukaya answer with Carol but Tanabe answers with Misuzu. The other two, thinking Tanabe has lost it, hit him to try and make him sane.

Carol calls Misuzu by her first name without an honorific like Misuzu and Tomo do with each other, Misuzu gives her a threating glare and asks her to add a '-chan' to the end of that.

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