Tatsumi Tanabe (田辺 達巳, Tanabe Tatsumi?) is a classmate and friend of Jun. He develops a crush on Misuzu ever since she gave him a death glare after telling him to stay away from Tomo.

Appearance Edit

Tanabe has short, brown hair that spikes up a little, his eyes are also brown.

Personality Edit

Tatsumi is depicted as the "typical 15 year old boy", excited about girls and sex. Initially he mistook the relationship of Jun and Tomo as a romantic one and is constantly asking Jun if they've "played sports that the opposite genders play with one another".[1]

Tatsumi's initial depiction was that of a pervert, liking all girls equally. But his character soon settled over Mizusu as a crush.

Tatsumi isn't brave with his love either but shows it a lot and is frankly quite above-board so much so that Mizusu is well aware of this.

Plot Edit

Tanabe is first seen as a male friend of Jun who is unusually interested in the relationship of Jun and Tomo.

Noticing that Misuzu never smiled he made it his mission to get her to smile, he tried making funny faces and telling jokes but all he got in return was Misuzu threatening to stab him with a pencil and taping his mouth shut. He backed off and didn't try again after that.[2][3]

Mizusu confronted Tanabe asking whether he liked her or not and Tanabe said, "Yes" to which Mizusu said that Tanabe should grow a spine and do something about it already rather than rejecting him.[4]

During the dodgeball tournament Tanabe dedicated his play to Misuzu, before being knocked out by the opposing team.

Tanabe got Tomo, Misuzu, and Carol part time jobs at his family's ramen restaurant so Tomo could buy a gift for Jun's birthday. Tanabe explained the namesake of the shop God Ramen Tatsumi was when he was born his dad stopped being a slacker and named the shop after his newborn son, Tatsumi. The girls didn't even know his given name, much to the latter's dismay.[5]

Tanabe successfully traded contact info with Misuzu after discovering her in a weakened state, too ill and depressed to ignore him she gives in.[6] When he told Jun that he got Misuzu's contact info Jun takes his phone and texts "Vile girl" to her to confirm the number was right, she replies "Giant deadwood" knowing it was Jun, with her number confirmed to be correct Jun hands Tanabe's phone back.[7]

Relationships Edit

Misuzu Gundou Edit

Tanabe has a crush on Misuzu, first announced during a conversation between his friends Toda and Fukaya about what girl they liked, both of them answered "Carol" while Tanabe said "Misuzu" while staring dreamily out the window, Toda and Fukaya then proceeded to hit Tanabe to get him to return to his senses.[8] Tanabe has successfully traded contact info with Misuzu.

Junichirou Kubota Edit

They are good friends, Tatsumi has his own nickname for him, calling him "Kubojun" (an amalgamation of his family and given names).[9] Jun even warns Tatsumi that Misuzu is dangerous and he should avoid her, but his warning do no good.

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